Thank You to Nurses Everywhere!

In light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, The Nurse Link would like to thank all nurses and healthcare providers at the bedside and on the front line.We are equally grateful for nursing students, new grad and soon to be new grad nurses who have volunteered to assist in this time of crisis.Your commitment to the field gives us hope and a fighting chance. This pandemic has and will continue to require a collaborative effort of healthcare workers amidst challenging factors and ever-changing protocols.

“Thank you to nurses everywhere!” – The Nurse Link

Thank You Nurses Sign

As an organization we plan to provide you guys with nursing related updates/ news from reliable sources, aid in uniting the voice of nurses for cause and change and above all be a safe place where nurses can connect.

We are currently aligning meaningful partnerships to help aid in the fight and would love your input! Let us know how you are helping turn the tide, your fears and frustrations and how you’re staying encouraged or simply coping.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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Yes thank you all
Thank you for all u do too!
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