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01/07/2019 11:26 am  

Hey guyssss!! I’ll be starting a travel contract in Hawaii soon yayyy!! Has anyone been out there before?

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02/07/2019 1:17 pm  

@nursealee I wish! I always said I'd do travel work but never got around to it unfortunately. But hey, I don't think theres a better place to do it than HAWAII! Congrats

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18/08/2019 4:58 am  

Hey guys, I am going to Italy soon and I would like to know about car rental in Italy. What should I know about car rental companies, requirements, insurance, franchise, deposit? I am also interested if there are different requirements for renting a car in different parts of Italy? I want a car with automatic transmission. What price I should be ready for? The last question is what companies can you advise?

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