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At The Nurse Link, we value communication and encourage healthy nurse centered discussion. We created this space for your to voice your opinion, ask hard questions and share your nursing journey. 

Nursing has tons of hurdles, obstacles and triumphs. Rather you are a current, future or aspiring nurse you may share your perspective by joining in on popular ongoing  threads or by creating a brand new topic of interest. No inquiry is too big or small, allow our community of nurses to answer your pressing questions and join your movement! 

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The Nurse Link


The Nurse Link gained popularity through the introduction of our expos. Starting in Atlanta and later, a national tour. For the first time current, future and aspiring nurses were connected to social media influential nurses, programs, nurse entrepreneurs and advocacy groups! Ask your event related events here!


The Nurse Link

The Nurse Link's mission is to connect current, future and aspiring nurses to helpful and meaningful resources. We do so through interactive events, mentorship, networking, scholarship and more. The Nurse Link Online is the digital representation of our organization. Ask all questions about meet ups, the website functionality, the marketplace and more.