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How can you recover quicker from losing a patient??

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This is such a hard thing to deal with in nursing. One of my first jobs was in an oncology unit and the nurses got to know the patients really well because their admission times were so extended. Our hospital often brought in a coping team for us to speak to about patient loss and ways to leave work at work (struggle). I can say that it helps to talk to others about the loss and practice some form of cathartic activity (exercise, yoga, meditation...)

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Ive found this to be challenging. As students and even nurses we are rarely taught how to cope with stressful patient care. This can be really overwhelming and traumatic. You def need an outlet of  some sort to disconnect.

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Now, more than ever, we must take care of ourselves not in just the basic sense but actively participate in self-care. I say this because in order to deal with losses and to be able to have the energy to continue to care for more patients, we must renew our strength. Whether that means taking even a moment to truly relax and recharge, connect with loved ones, or do something for yourself, we have to find ways to keep healing.

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I'm just speaking from having dealt with many, many personal losses and what helps me is being in touch with spirituality (for me, that is going to church and fellowship) and with loved ones to discuss heavy matters. No one can do it alone.