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20/06/2019 8:46 pm  

Highly interested in becoming a CRNA. I've been an RN for about 4 years and want to return but to be honest I am a bit scared not only of the degree program but the liability, autonomy and overall nature of the work in practice. Its seemingly very exciting work  but intimidating AF.  Any tips on pursuing this specialty? 

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04/07/2019 6:53 pm  

Hey girl! I highly suggest looking into a few CRNA programs and start nailing down some of the requirements for application. Get some shadowing hours if you're still uncertain about pursuing the career. This will allow you the opportunity to understand their scope, ask all the questions you might have and hopefully have some anxiety relieved. You mentioned you've been a nurse for several years now, so hopefully some of those years are in critical care! Most (if not all) CRNA programs require 1-2 years minimum of ICU experience. You will want to become CCRN certified prior to applying, as well. I have several friends that took either additional chemistry courses and/or intro to anesthesia online courses (ex: Barry University's ANE 695). Once you meet all the requirements, think about who you will ask for recommendation letters and hop to it! Get a calendar organized so you don't miss any application deadlines! Best wishes!!


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