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Career Switch Time?
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Career Switch Time?

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At some point all I can do is just laugh at the utter absurdity of it all. This all started with a decision I made when I finished a 2 year ADN program in May of 2019. Job prospects were not looking great in my area. I desperately wanted a perioperative job and nearby hospitals required a BSN. I applied to several programs anyway and was turned down from all of them. It was beyond frustrating. At the time, I didn't want to settle for less than what I felt I deserved after spending five years in the military and then going back to school. So, I decided to swallow my pride and stay in school full-time for one more year to get my RN-BSN finished. I worked full-time at an Urgent Care so I could still see patients in some capacity. In March of 2020, my final semester, I was accepted into a perioperative RN residency at one of the major hospitals in the area. The program was supposed to begin in September. I was elated. Finally all of that hard work was going to pay off and I wasn't going to have to settle for a job that I didn't want.
Unfortunately, that all came to a crashing halt at the end of July. I was hit by a truck riding my e-bicycle and required right shoulder surgery for a destroyed labrum. I thought about ignoring it but couldn't push/pull anything. Surgery was in early August and, while cutting it close, I was going to be in the PT phase of recovery by the time September rolled around and management seemed optimistic about starting on-time since the first few weeks were mostly classroom. About two weeks before the program started, I was told that due to weight-lifting restrictions I would be unable to start on-time and would have to wait until the next cohort in Spring 2021. Furthermore, there was no guarantee that a Spring cohort would even take place. I was devastated. Currently working a temporary position at a hospital, I was placed in what could basically amount to a security guard position because the hospital couldn't find anything I could do with patients. While better than being unemployed, the pay cut was significant and I was basically just sitting around and stewing over how outrageous it was. I went from military healthcare where I could suture, staple and perform minor procedures independently to being told that there was no patient care that I could perform. I found it personally insulting even though I know that I shouldn't have. At the same time, it put be in a difficult financial situation. I worked seven days per week between the hospital and Urgent Care doing COVID testing to make up for the lost wages. It sucked. Out of sheer panic, I started applying across the country to other periop programs and was ultimately accepted into one. I packed up everything and left my home state at the beginning of January. I felt like everything was finally working out in my favor. The utter nightmare of 2020 was finally over. least I thought it was.
In the months leading up to my discharge from the military in 2016, I suffered a left shoulder dislocation. I never thought anything of it and was more concerned about starting school on-time. I rehabbed it appropriately and was simply told to be careful. Never in my life did I ever think that this would become what it has. I began having issues with it again about one year later. I had surgery on it. It failed. I had a second surgery on it one year after the first one. It failed. My last true issue with it was in February of 2020: another dislocation, sedated in ED, reduced, MRI showed a list of problems but I decided to simply PT it and hope that it was enough. I hadn't had any issues in almost one year. I was weight lifting comfortably and my ROM was great.
On day 1 (I'm not joking) starting this periop program, I was walking to the bus stop on the way to the hospital and tripped...over nothing. It wasn't icy, slippery or anything. I just tripped over my klutz self and it dislocated immediately. Instead of spending the morning in orientation with everyone else, I spent mine in the ED with 2 sedations and left with it in a state of partial dislocation. It was reduced enough for them to let me leave but clearly not completely reduced. Less than two weeks later, it dislocated in my sleep. My best guess is that I'm in some sort of elaborate street fight when this happens and I've yet to win one. It now does this regularly. Another MRI this week shows just an absolute nightmare in there; cartilage everywhere, ligament tears and so on. I was sent home from work at the beginning of the week because it had dislocated again at night and fortunately reduced spontaneously but was swollen to the size of a softball. I'm now missing work because of it with no timeline on when I can go back or what I will even be allowed to do when I can. It seems like the universe is giving me a sign that I can't ignore. Was this simply not meant to be? I don't really have a plan B, either. The OR was pretty much it. I did work in an ED while enlisted but have mostly resentment towards that experience and am not too keen on returning to one. Furthermore, if I can't even work in the OR I don't know why I would think the ED would be any different.
Anyway, this is basically my worst nightmare realized. Without work, no timeline on a settlement from my previous accident and a VA claim for this current debacle that has sat untouched on a VSO's desk for close to a year without ever notifying me about it, I'm left to ponder with what on Earth I am going to do for the forseeable future. Any suggestions are welcome.