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Leaving Work due to...
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Leaving Work due to COVID conditions?

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My brother is  a nurse in Boston just quit his job due to lack of PPE. He has two young kids and does not want to put them at risk. We both agree that even Florence would turn in her grave if she saw the conditions we are expected to work in. Curious how many frontline nurses are actually bailing because of conditions

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I have not left yet, seriously considering it. My job is giving raises depending on the results of annual evaluations (up to 4%). That's cool and all but I would really rather have temporary health insurance given to me from the hospital since I am per diem and don't qualify instead of paying $200-$300 a month for health insurance. I keep teetering between staying and leaving.

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Many doctors are unprotected during a pandemic. They do not have basic remedies such as masks and antiseptics. And I understand why these doctors want to leave. Many are afraid that they can infect not only themselves but also those close to them.
They studied hard, and many adore their profession, but the risk is too high. Human life is at stake. Not many students have used the help of free essay writers and found success in their own right. And now they must give up the dream because of the COVID pandemic.