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Online classes and ...
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Online classes and clinicals? Graduation delays?

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Hey guys just wanted to reach out and see what all the other fellow nursing students are up to. Has your semester and graduation been interrupted or are you in the complete opposite situation of being fast-tracked to the front lines?

I was supposed to graduate this semester with my ASN but my school has canceled clinicals so we'll be a semester behind which really sucks. Still finishing up my last gen ed and elective online now though so I'm at least doing something. I wonder if I could have handled doing clinicals at home like a lot of other students seem to be doing.

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I'm a senior ABSN student and we are currently continuing with all lecture material as planned. Pre-recorded online lectures and bi-weekly Zoom debriefings where instructors answer go over some case studies and answer any questions about content. As for clinical hours, we have been lucky to purchase "The Point: VSim" software by Wolters Kluwer, which includes quizzes and documents associated with each case. It is a great program that I like and everyone seems to feel comfortable with it. We meet on Zoom weekly with our assigned hospital/clincal instructors to hear some of their experiences, pick their brains, investigate cases, etc.

Its definitely not comfortable to do and I don't think anybody feels as confident, but Im trying to do whatever it takes to get to sit for boards. Graduation is cancelled. Getting together with a few classmates (less than 5) for a drink at some point. 

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@patthemurse My school uses Pearson across the board (clinicals canceled though regardless) but now you got me thinking if I can get my hands on a Wolters Kluwer account.. hmmm


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