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Going back to schoo...
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Going back to school after a break

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Hi guys, hope all of you are safe and well. So I had started my first semester in a nursing program last year but had to drop out due to health issues as well as personal reasons. I was supposed to reapply this year but with everything that's going on I'm afraid to try again and something else happen. Should I just wait it out until things gets back to normal?

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You shouldn't have to reapply, I don't think, since you're already in the program. I'd speak to your academic advisor about and consult your school's curriculum and guidelines to see if there's a time limit to finish your program. Usually the case is just that your earned credits will only be honored for a certain period of time. Because you dropped your first semester, that's not really an issue, since you now have to go back and finish those classes anyway. I would also wait a little bit longer if you have any serious doubts. You want to be able to do your program consecutively without having too many setbacks in between so that you can retain what you learn without feeling like you have to play catch up every time you go back. i.e. I wouldn't suggest doing one semester on, two off, then going back, etc.. just get it all done and try not to drag it out.

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