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New Job Dilemma

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I'm preparing to  graduate in May with my BSN and am currently interviewing for jobs. My dream is to work in peds and eventually become n FNP. I was unable to land a job in the pends  icu at the local hospital where I live now but have an offer for adult med-surg (not very excited about it). I also have a more enticing offer a few hours away towards where my family lives in the cardiac ICU. I'm very torn because I'm so drawn to the peds job, but don't want to move away from the life and friends I have here in town. However, if I stay, I'll have the comfort of the town I love and friends I know but then I'll be sacrificing the job that'll give me more experience I desire. Does anyone have any advice about which choice to make? I'm trying to weigh my pros and cons but seem to be running in circles here.