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Best way to fuel a 12 hour shift?  


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27/06/2019 8:21 pm  

I am a new grad, who will be starting my residency in two weeks. What is the best way to fuel myself to power through a 12 hour shift?

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02/07/2019 3:57 pm  

I am also a newbie! I started my Residency in February. 

Water: Definite need I have a bottle that stays cold for 36 hours it’s a must. 

Coffee: I work day shift so I come in with my coffee because if not it’s hard to get to the cafe after shift report. 

Pack your lunch and snacks: Again it’s sometimes hard to get away and when you do you have to figure out what you want to eat. Also saves money. 

Gum/mints:12 Hours is a long time to have hot breath lol

I love my Apple Watch it helps me track my steps and I can often use it to time myself for certain meds, codes, and helps me stay on task

Also once you leave your preceptor find a person each shift to use as a go to person it’s a must need because you will have questions and you’ll figure out who you can ask and who you can’t. 

Some days will be a breeze other days you’ll feel lost but I’m the end it’s all worth it. 


Good luck!💕

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03/07/2019 9:30 am  

Great question! Here are some of my tips.

I found that what you eat will play a huge role on your energy level! Eating healthy and not too heavy throughout the day is key. A heavy meal will only slow you down and make you feel sick at work. Try not to wait till the last minute on meal planning for work. You'll save yourself time, money, and energy if you bring a healthy meal from home!

While coffee is a must, so is WATER!! You'll get soooo busy that you'll reach the end of your shift and realize you didn't drink water all day. Not good. I found water to be the key in keeping me awake and working at my full potential. Buy a large water bottle and keep it as close to your working station as allowed. 

On slow days, I always brought a book to help me pass the time. You don't get many days like this, but the book helps you from falling asleep at work! 

Good luck!!

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29/07/2019 5:17 pm  

These are great answers! I agree and also would encourage you that as you transfer from a day residency  to your night staff position, it is possible to not be addicted to sleep aids and coffee. During my 2.5 years on night shift, I exercised and intentionally drank enough water and I felt really good. I did not need to use Benadryl or a sleep aid to sleep, once I adjusted to the time difference. So please do not believe the lie that you have to be dependent on Espresso, coffee, sugar or sleep aids. You got this! ~ Christina ❤️


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