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FNP VS Speciality NP  


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03/07/2019 2:38 am  

Although I'm a fairly new nurse, I know for sure know that I want to go back for my masters. I'm torn btw FNP and PNP. I'm totally all about Peds but fear I'll miss out on valuable learning experience by not choosing NP specialty other than FNP. Any thoughts?

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08/07/2019 7:35 pm  

Hi 👋 

I did FNP because I was not sure if I wanted to limit myself and I figured I could always learn more along the way. To be honest we never stop learning, right! I started my FNP career in women’s health. I have just accepted a position as a child advocacy clinic NP. That is what I love about FNP, there are no limitations. Good luck to you! 

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12/07/2019 5:50 pm  

Hi! We both did FNP because we wanted the option of working with different patient populations. If you know you love peds and only want to work with peds, then go for it! The good news is you can always go back for a post-masters certificate if you decide you'd like to work with another patient population. Best of luck! - Maddie and Rose


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