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Cancelled Graduation  

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My graduation was cancelled but my university is allowing Spring 2020 grads to walk at the fall commencement. I busted my ass for this BSN as did my friends. Now our biggest day has been taken away and I can't take my grad trip to Cabo. I'm crushed. Even more so, I can't acknowledge the people who really help me get here.

Really want try to find some cute ways for us to celebrate or a good party favor I can send out to my study pals who helped me get through or my favorite instructors. Anyone have some cute nurse themed gift ideas that I can DIY or a fun way to celebrate. Haven't really seen much of anything on social besides the drive by parties (people in the car congratulating as they drive by" 

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Sorry for the cancellation, I understand your frustration because mine's been delayed at least another semester but I'm still taking a few online classes.

Tbh I'd be paranoid about sending out any kind of DIY gifts periods because of the possibility of spreading the virus.. I have it now although I'm asymptomatic and wouldn't have known had I not gotten tested.

Have you considered doing virtual gifts and having a group video chat party? You could get somebody to "DJ" for it like i've been seeing