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COVID-19 Petitions

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Hi Everyone, 

We're stopping by to thank both nurses and students, members and non-members, front liners and those of you in quarantine for your commitment to nursing. Thank you also for visiting and participating in our community- without you we are nothing. 

Together, we are the backbone of healthcare and have the ability to be change makers of the world! We're asking, if you have not already to sign out Death-in-Service Petition. 

This petition is a call to action to the federal government to create a death-in-service pandemic fund to be paid out to the families of fallen providers. Said funds would provide compensation to victims' families when COVID-19 infections lead to death or serious injury and cover but not be limited to: economic loss, virus related medical debt, burial fees, crisis/hazard pay differentials and post-incident response for injured victims- regardless of underlying conditions. Such fund would also set precedent for future crisis.

In a climate of so much uncertainty, nurses, doctors and other HCWs should not have to endure the additional stress of worrying if their families will be taken care of financially should they pass.

Nurses, doctors & HCWs are our strongest asset and we must provide them reassurance during this time. Give our nurses, doctors and HCWs peace of mind. Please support this petition to help urge our federal government to develop compensatory measures for the families of our fallen healthcare heroes. 

Sign the Death-in-Service Compensation for US Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Workers


We also invite you guys to drop other helpful petitions, funds or causes in the forum below if you wish to share or garner support! 

-TNL Team 


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