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At The Nurse Link, we value communication and encourage healthy nurse centered discussion. We created this space for your to voice your opinion, ask hard questions and share your nursing journey. 

Nursing has tons of hurdles, obstacles and triumphs. Rather you are a current, future or aspiring nurse you may share your perspective by joining in on popular ongoing  threads or by creating a brand new topic of interest. No inquiry is too big or small, allow our community of nurses to answer your pressing questions and join your movement! 

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COVID-19/ Disaster Prevention

The current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has shaken the world and brought out the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare systems worldwide. Nurses and healthcare providers are being asked to step up in staffing shortages, lack of PPE and other conditions. In this forum, you may find information on current news regarding disasters such as COVID but not limited to Ebola epidemic, hurricanes, earthquakes tornadoes, forest fires, missions abroad etc. It is our goal to provide the most up to date and credible information. We ask that you do the same. Let us know how disasters are impacting your work, school or personal life.



Nursing is the most trusted profession and a vast field with many opportunities and hurdles. Ask your industry related questions, share knowledge, and learn from others here. Feel free to discuss career, work placements, scrubs, HIPAA, work-life balance +more.


Nursing Students

Nursing is truly a journey. Rather you're considering nursing school or already in a program- this forum is for you. Learn about the admission process, prereqs and hurdles getting in and staying in nursing school. Discuss courses, scholarships and nursing programs.



Nurse enthusiasts looking to leverage their nursing experience and expertise into a a profitable side hustle or main career may utilize this forum. Opportunities in nursing don't stop at the bedside! Discuss filling the gap, business education, formation and licensure, marketing ideas and more here! Visit our Business Center tab in Resources for support.


The Nurse Link

The Nurse Link's mission is to connect current, future and aspiring nurses to helpful and meaningful resources. We do so through interactive events, mentorship, networking, scholarship and more. The Nurse Link Online is the digital representation of our organization. Ask all questions about meet ups, the website functionality, the marketplace and more.


Self Care, Spirituality & Inspiration

Nursing can be tough and require a lot decompression. Some find this through self care rituals, while others find solace in their religious beliefs. Discuss your coping techniques, struggles and how you beat burnout- or not!