About Us

Nursing is hard. From the competitive application process, to the rigorous nursing programs to the long twelve-hour shifts and everything in between- we feel your pain. We stand behind the belief that nursing isn’t a journey you go on alone.

Meaningful connections are integral to success in nursing at all stages and we know firsthand the detriment that may ensue when students and nurses don’t have the tools needed to thrive. For this reason, we’re always looking for ways to foster connections that positively impact nursing culture.

The Nurse Link (TNL) connects current, future and aspiring nurses for mentorship, networking and empowerment. We host interactive events, expos and the TNL networking platform that put nurses and students in front of the inspiration and resources needed to be successful.

Our event journey began in the fall of 2016 when our founder had the idea to create a mixer and bring out local nurses for networking. But very quickly she began to also consider the students en route to nursing and their unique challenges and needs and the event idea transformed to that of an expo. Fast-forward to a few months later and in January of 2017, the first The Nurse Link expo was held in Atlanta.

Our events and meetups combine a traditional nursing conference model with modern social elements and technology. TNL expos connects local nurses to statewide leadership, national organizations, nurse centered brands, educational programs, scholarship opportunities, social media influencers, and cutting-edge technological innovations.

Our online platform is an extension of our events and is intended to be a safe environment for nurses and students to not only gather and connect on relevant industry topics but mentor, aid and motivate one another.